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Here is my main question:

There is a 10 MB plan and an unlimited plan. Can I use a decent amount of data using the 10 MB plan? Or should I just go for the unlimited plan?.

if I take teh unlimited one, then I can use my corp email etc. WIth the 10 MB one, I hope I can use the internet once in a while - for occasional maps, 411 etc

More rants below:

Hmm. Before I signed up, on 4 different occasions, I have asked Verizon that I would not need Data services for a couple of months and would just use voice on my BB. And they said that it is okay to do that. And yesterday, I was on the phone for 2 hours talking to 3 different Verizon reps because they put me on the unlimited data plan and said I can not not have a data plan (with at least the 10 MB one) because I will get a huge $$ bill if I don't.

Well, I finally got them to take it off - so i pay as I go (a la carte) now. But, now after the info I obtained here, it appears that all those 2 hours on the phone to get a la carte is of no use - because I AM incurring data charges as we speak. I should have first asked you guys first on these forums instead of asking Verizon. Oh well, something to keep in mind for the next contract!

Sadly, it seems like teh best course of action is to get back on the data plan without much delay because I am in for a 2 year contract that barely started a month ago. (Verizon strategy clearly works!)