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Originally Posted by BlackBlueberryBrew
Man this is so ridiculous. We all have RIM to thank for this....
Thank RIM for what? I don't understand your statement; just because you use linux, it is not some god-given right your BB must be linux friendly. Open your eyes - this is big business, RIM is a publically traded company who does business with large players in the space (MS, Oracle, etc.). Money is as money does.

I guess a halfway decent solution is better than nothing, but on the other hand, do we reaaaaally want to send our personal data to some server in Sweden?
Halfway decent? I consider it fully decent (and I don't mind Sweden -- their privacy laws are better than the USA, but I'm sure you already know that because you did extensive research before posting the above statement). SyncML is a *standard*, you are now complaining about *gasp* having to use an *open standard* for something.... on linux? What a tool. I guess you hate Samba. And Apache - you know, those other "halfway decent" networked apps using open standards. Oh the horror!

If I can sync up to a server in Sweden, why can't I sync up to my PC that's sitting right in front of my grape... ??? (LOL) =^) Is this asking too much??? =^)
Man do you sound like a 13yo kid. Get off your a** and join the Barry project, write some code and get the barry-opensync plugin working. This is how linux works, but then again you already know all this.

Please quit tooling up a sticky thread with your inane drivel - you're increasing the noise-to-signal ratio.
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