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Originally Posted by rambo47
One question that's been puzzling me is the WiFi and data. If you need a dedicated Blackberry data plan to use any data at all, how will data over WiFi work? Could they link your ability to use WiFi for data to your service books? I've used WiFi with laptops to get my email, and even used it with a Sony Clie PDA for email and the web, but I'm curious as to how it would be implimented with a Blackberry and their well known (but little searched for) need for a dedicated BB data plan.
From what I understand from other GAN phones is that it will essentially be the exact same billing and plan as over the cellular network. With GAN you basically go through WIFI to the internet to the carrier, instead of going over the GSM/GPRS network to the carrier. It's the same end location, just a different route.

The carriers can also offer deals like unlimited voice/data over WIFI for a reduced rate because it takes strain off their cell it increases their coverage.