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Originally Posted by LadybugMT
PCGirl I am having the same problem with my Pearl. I have custom ringtone for special people but when they call it's the t-mobile jingle....which isn't a ringtone I have choosen or it's my defult ringer. Is this a pretty common problem with the Pearl. Let me know if you get through to Rim and what they say.
Hi Ladybug,

I never got through to RIM because I was on hold for so long. I told the TMo rep that I would try back another time because I felt bad because she had to stay on hold with me. A couple of days later I realized that one of my MY FAVES icons had gone blank and was inaccessible. I called TMo and ended up being on the phone for almost two hours. The rep tried everything, from taking the battery out to wiping and restoring. She said that the next tier and/or RIM would try to figure it out and call me back and then connect me to RIM but I haven't heard back from anyone.

In any case, I figured out that it was a MY FAVES issue. What had happened was that when I bought the phone I was told that MY FAVES could be changed once a month on the anniversary date of activation. I still only had four MY FAVES and decided to add the final one. Well, for some reason, the fifth one ended up replacing my first one and on the server but showed up fine on the handset. The first one was now gone from MY FAVES and now all the MY FAVES icons on my phone were out of order and different from the server.

So, bottom line is that all the MY FAVES icons that had custom ringtones weren't aligned in the right MY FAVES spot (hard to tell on the handset since they aren't numbered -- you can tell which is #1 because that is the one that first shows up when you choose to display MY FAVES) so in effect, they had EMPTY custom ringtone spots which defaults to the T-Jingle.

What I did was go to the My T-Mobile website and see what order my MY FAVES were in currently, and then I did a "change location" for the MY FAVES icons so that they would correspond to the server list (which was now all re-arranged). Once they were in the right order, I was then able to choose the ringtone and now everything seems to be working.

By the way, MY FAVES can be changed ONCE A MONTH at the first of each month. Meaning, as soon as it is a new month, that MY FAVE number can be changed at any time during the month (once) before it becomes permanent for the month. I suggest doing the changes from your computer and My T-Mobile so you can actually see where you're putting the numbers. This way, you won't accidentally delete your important numbers!

Hope this helps!
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