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I consider my story a success so here it goes:

I had no idea any of this had to be done so when I finally came across it I setup the original version of the OTA push and did a test bed of 20 devices. All 20 worked fine so I did an OTA push of about 400 devices with the original verison that came out.

We patched everything out of order, the Outlook crew updates all their stuff first, then I upgraded to the newest version of BES, then I did the CDO.dll update, then the Outlook calendar thing was ran, and we have had the "send as" issue for new hires forever and we are finally working on fixing it to set automatically.

I sent this out twice before pushing the OTA portion out:

Blackberry Daylight Savings Time Patch


We are pushing out a wireless patch over the air to the blackberry devices to update them for the upcoming daylight saving time change. This patch may ask you to reboot the device, if it does please let the device reboot to enable the patch. This reboot could take up to 20 minutes depending on the device so be prepared for your device to be out of service for a few minutes. You can select no for the reboot if you are unable to do so at that time due to a call or meeting and the device will re-prompt you in an hour, please note though after the fourth attempt to reboot the device will automatically reboot itself.

If you have any issues with your device after this patch is installed please shut the device down and pull the battery out for about 2 minutes to reset the device, if this doesn’t resolve your issue please email or call the IT Help Desk and submit a ticket. Please pay attention to upcoming calendar events and so forth that they are retained on the device after the patch. Please check your time after the device is updated and make sure it retains your time zone, if the time zone changes please go into the data/time option and manually change your time zone back to the correct one.


IT Telecom Department

And then after I completed all 400 users I sent out this on Friday twice:

Attention All Blackberry Subscribers,

We have completed our over the air push of the daylight savings time patch that was required to update handheld devices for the upcoming adjustment to daylight savings time. To check and see if the patch is loaded on your device you can go to the tools/options area of your device and the first item under settings should be “2007 DST Patch”, go into this and you should see that the patch is applied.

If you do not see the patch applied to your device you can you go the following link and load the patch through the internet, please have your device connected to your PC through the supplied USB and cable and have desktop manager turned off if you use this application:


You can also manually change the time back an hour yourself if you choose to do so or if you don’t have the patch loaded on your device. Please closely monitor your calendar appointments to ensure you don’t have any issues with appointment times once DST occurs also.


IT Telecom Department

So far today I have had only 1 person that didn't update and they ran the link above to fix that issue.

During the upgrade I had about 5 devices that needed to be reloaded.

All in all I consider this a success.
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