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Angry It aint rocket science

Originally Posted by archer6
I have owned Treo's, Moto-Q & Blackjack before I switched to BlackBerrys. The BB is by far the best. None of these come with every conceivable sync conduit for every conceivable kind of calendar / device / os combination.
Well, it's not the best for me. I'm funny that way, I want to have a PIM/phone that works with my operating system. Linux support, BTW, is not rocket science and it's not expensive. All RIM has to do is share interface information with the OSS community and we'll do the rest.

Since you say the device is "stupid" & " RIM are too lazy to get off their butts and do-the-right-thing? Yuck"

Perhaps you would be better off with a basic phone which would not cause you so much grief.
The device *is* stupid, it won't talk to my Linux boxes. I think I said that pretty clearly in my original post. And RIM *is* a pathetic company if it can't give the Linux/OSS community enough information so they can develop their own support. I mean, how hard is that?!?
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