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Originally Posted by JSanders

2- No wifi on 8800

3- personal decision

4- I am betting that RIM won't abandon the trackwheel completely. One of the RIM insiders will have better insight into that. i like the trackwheel too.

5- I am not upgrading yet, because I can't see anything yet on a 8800 that just floors me. I'm not going to be watching any stinking videos on a BB, I don't need the music or the extra media card.

So... you are sorta like me. I would like the GPS probably would LOVE to have that. But I have in my car... so. I am keeping my 8700g, trusty and reliable for now. In six months... ?
I have to agree and feel the same way, also dont like the fact the 8800 has Lag at times... makes me think im back on my 7290... plus big thumbs for me so the keyboard on the 8800 is not for me... VAD would be nice on my 8700c but i can do without it and GPS if it loads anything like google maps using EDGE then no thanks i can wait for the next gen BB to come out hopefully with 3G...

if anything i would go to the store and test it out since it doesnt cost anything... just not for me.. and 8300 is not going to work either b/c i cant have a camera phone at work