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Originally Posted by H3LLFIRE
I agree, keeping the backlight on at full blast really doesn't affect the battery life of the 8800 as much as one would expect. Personally I can't stand the auto-dim feature. Sometimes it dims down too much and I end up pressing the brightness button anyway. So now I just leave it at 100 with the auto backlight option turned off. Even with heavy use (emails, newsclip, bbtoday, occasional gps) I have yet to be down below 70% battery at the end of the day.

This is what I've been doing, disabling the auto backlight feature during the day. My issues come up that in low light situations, i.e., car at night, etc. I have to manually adjust the light level, which isn't a huge deal. Another problem I've had is with Telenav, when I manually change the brightness level of the backlight, Telenav will stop refreshing the map display. It requires that I completely exit out of Telenav anytime I try to change the display brightness.

So it isn't really one huge issue, just several minor inconveniences not being able to use the auto feature.