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I got a rush off to pick up my wife.. it is snowing here in nj and i took her to work with the jeep.

i am in the process of reloading the os...

but here is where i got so far.....

I went to device manager and selected " Change Device" or whatever it is called.

I then only selected "non system applications for transfer"

I let it do its thing.. it essential copies all the files to your pc in a temp folder... use search in windows to search for one of the names of the files... you should open that containing folder to find all the apps...

as well as an alx and a pkg

copy these files to another folder and quit the transfer wizard.

i am guessing once my phone is done... i can point desktop manager to that alx and all apps should appear in dm then just check what you want... and they should be reloaded...

I don't care about the licence info... i have apps i can't find anymore....

i take no responsibility if you kill your phone/blackberry