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Originally Posted by EricS
Missing Sync for BlackBerry is available only in a preview edition right now. We're working very hard to make sure that the 1.0 release is as reliable as possible. Most of the users we hear from think that our beta is more reliable than the competition's shipping version.

As for calendar events, we typically see a few kinds of problems:

1. Sync Services issues
Sync Services is very cool, but also a bit temperamental. All you have to do is look at the .Mac forums to see that some issues aren't unique to the Missing Sync. Apple is improving Sync Services fairly regularly now, including changes in last week's 10.4.9 update.

2. Data issues
We've found that certain other products actually mess up your iCal data and then the Missing Sync beta chokes on it. Specifically, detached calendar events are sometimes no longer associated with the parent event. This shouldn't happen within iCal or .Mac, but does happen with at least one third party product. We're hoping to work-around this issue as best as possible.
Itxxx8217;s very impressive that you posted here so quickly so thanks!!! I have used the Missing Sync with my Treo and loved it!

This is what I have encountered so far with your product:
I was able to sync my xxx8220;contactsxxx8221; once and now I canxxx8217;t: Any ideas?
I canxxx8217;t, no matter what I do, sync with iCal. I did upgrade my MacBook to the Mac OS 10.4.9.
I have used PocketMac for syncing, but I deleted it when I tried using Missing Sync to be on the safe side. I deleted ALL events from iCal prior to syncing as well.
So why canxxx8217;t I sync? What could possibly go wrong here?
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