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Originally Posted by ibrg
Itís very impressive that you posted here so quickly so thanks!!! I have used the Missing Sync with my Treo and loved it!

This is what I have encountered so far with your product:
I was able to sync my ďcontactsĒ once and now I canít: Any ideas?
I canít, no matter what I do, sync with iCal. I did upgrade my MacBook to the Mac OS 10.4.9.
I have used PocketMac for syncing, but I deleted it when I tried using Missing Sync to be on the safe side. I deleted ALL events from iCal prior to syncing as well.
So why canít I sync? What could possibly go wrong here?
Please make sure you're using the latest beta, which is downloadable here:

markspace dot com / testing (I'm not able to post URLS yet as I'm a newbie on this forum).

Also, if you're getting errors in the log, it would be helpful if you could post them in your reply.

So, as much information about your specific symptoms would be helpful.


Mark/Space QA