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Originally Posted by ibrg
Got it.

Synchronization cancelled due to device error.
Application started on 3/19/07 9:06 PM (version 1.0.0 b12, build 44)
Starting sync at 3/19/07 9:06 PM...
Plugin Calendar starting
Error reading from device (e0004051)
NSInvalidArgumentException *** -[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value
An error occurred while updating the local database from the device.
Synchronization cancelled due to device error.

I did the patch for DST prior to March 11.
Thanks for looking into it.
Looks like you're still using b12. Actually b14 is our latest version. We've fixed one cause of the NIL error, so hopefully it takes care of this scenario. If not, let me know.

You can download it from


Mark/Space QA