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I've had the 7100g BES for approximately 3 weeks, here are my thoughts, some have been previously mentioned:

1) Small form factor, which I enjoy, don't like a brick next to my ear, also has a very good speakephone, positive.

2) Unable to read screen in sunlight, negative.

3) Experienced the dreaded drop call issue, when upgraded to the newest firmware, negative. However, when I went back to my previous firmware now everything is beautiful. positive.

4) Bluetooth is a beautiful costly extra, which I enjoy (Jabra BT800). I look like a cyborg, so I usually limit wearing it, except in the car when driving, or in a isolated location, such as my office. I am still on a learning curve with this BT device, takes some getting use to, but overall it is an enjoyable toy.

Since coming from the Treo 600, this is a much better audio device and not as heavy, even though it lacks the extras (i.e. camera, MP3 player, SD slot), but at least I can enter government facilities.

Holster leaves something to be desired, when running it has a tendency to come out of it's enclosure (almost lost mine twice). Needless to say, I ordered the leather case, with the sleep function, via e-bay, very nice.

The battery sliding issue, (thanks for the fix btw), which makes it seem not well constructed, negative.

Overall, I enjoy the 7100g thusfar, however although I receive over 50 e-mails a day, I don't have to respond to that many. If I had to respond to numerous e-mails I would probably use the 7290.

Just my humble thoughts. Your cell phone mileage may vary.



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