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Arrow Can't connect to BES. BIS Advice ?

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I need your advice.

How can I connect to my company mail system by using my BIS, and not my companies BES.

Let me explain, my company has a BES, and attaching my BB to it, has come to a dead end. My mobile phone contract is with Vodafone UK, and I’ve had the contract and the same number for the past 15 years.

My company has set my BB account up on the BES, and everything is good to go. I went to the Enterprise Activation screen on my BB, and I entered my email address and password, however it would not hook up.
The IT policy could be loaded using the desktop manager, but I couldn’t get the BB to connect to the BES.

The IT department trouble-shot my BB for a couple of hours, then as an off-the-cuff thought, they asked me if I had the “Enterprise plan” on my account. I checked with Vodafone, and I don’t.

I asked Vodafone if an “Enterprise plan” could be added to my account, and they said that as I have a consumer account and not a business account, it wasn’t possible without closing the account and opening a business account. I’ve had this number for 15 years, so I’m not willing to do that.

Game over on the BES.

Back to the BIS.

I do have a Blackberry data plan, and have my Yahoo Plus mail comes quite fine to my BB, using the BIS service, that I’m sure you are all familiar with.

My company uses Outlook. I’ve set up a rule to forward mail to my BB, however that stops when I shut my PC down. Which defeats the half the object of having a BB.

My company also has Microsoft Outlook Web Access mail, and I noted a feature on the BIS to synchronise my BB with MOWA mail, however, and this is such bad luck, the access port URL is too long (too many characters) to fit in the input field box, and the address gets cut off, and fails. It will do, the address entered, is wrong.

I try to just use the Outlook Mail synchronise setting on the BIS, (not the Web Based), and it reports, that it can’t, find my mail settings and I must download some software for the BIS to get the settings. I download the software which appears to be called “Mail Manager”, I then go back to repeat the process, but just get stuck in a loop, of “Can’t locate your mail settings, please download this software”, Again.

Gentleman, I know the rules, I’ve used the search button. However I come back to you, for thoughts, and guidance.

Many thanks in advance.


The IT department are in America, I’m in Japan. They’ve connected many company and American bought BB's to the BES, for our company. As the BB in Japan is only sold to corporate clients, placing large orders, and our Japanese office is staffed by only 32 people, I had to purchase my BB on my own, from the UK. The company pays the phone bill though. Naturally a “business bought” BB in America, by the company would be attached to a Business contract plan, which is why the IT staff comment was after a while of trouble shooting. I have a genuine feeling that the IT department staff are competent in their ability, but too busy to trouble shoot a BIS problem. Being in Japan, I’ve never meet them face-to-face.

This is my first time, I’ve ever owned a BB, but I’m confident to try menu changes, etc.

Please can you offer some help.
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