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Originally Posted by jfanaian
That did the trick! Works perfect. Thank you so much.
Sweet, I like easy answers.

What I did notice is that mass storage is disabled (I'm assuming because I can no longer access it) so does that mean that I can't access the device while charging?
Mine works just fine -- do you actually have mass storage enabled on the Pearl and all that jazz? Also, I have another thread here on the forums where sometimes my mass storage doesn't mount -- I figured out it's because things "went too fast" with bcharge around.

My solution:
- put device mass storage into Prompt mode to mount
- plug in device, wait.
- Initial "not enough charge" screen flashes the goes away (indicating bcharge has run), then the "do you want to enable mass storage?" screen.
- *wait* a second or two, *then* press Yes.

Sometimes if it's the first time I've plugged in the Pearl since a reboot it doesn't work on the first try. I unplug, wait a second or two, then plug it back in; my guess is in this situation 'usb-storage.o' (kernel module) hasn't ever been loaded before, so it doesn't happen fast enough (remember, it has to load vfat, usb-storage, etc.) before the Pearl kicks in; the 2nd time you plug it in all these modules are loaded already in memory, so stuff Just Works(tm).
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