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Originally Posted by dschwartzer
I have previously tried PocketMac with fair results and am thinking of trying it again now that a newer version is out. I have tried Missing Sync (beta) and that is not bug free either. While the Missing Syn tech support has been very responsive, I am reluctant to spend $40.00 for a program I am having ongoing issues with. Syncing tasks and keeping reminder dates is still a problem with both products and iCal does not support recurring tasks but Entourage does. Missing Syn has an issue with all day calendar event and while there is a work around it is still an issue that I didn;t have with PocketMac.

One of the things I also like about PocketMac is its ability to sync directly with Entourage and not require that the Entourage data be copies into iCal and Address Book as Missing Syn does as it uses Apple's SyncServices.

Of those of you that are still using PocketMac and have success with it, I am curious if you are syncing directly with Entourage or do you still copy the data to iCal and Addtress book and set PocketMac to copy the data from there?
Thanks for your post. I use PM4.0.20 with a BB8700 and a Powerbook G4. While I think the sync is a bit slow, I do let it back itself up to my .Mac account so there is some time lost there. I was synching to Entourage, but I recently moved my email over to Mail, and thus I sync with iCal and Address Book with the exception of using Entourage notes. I have no issues except that PocketMac strips out the date on the iCal tasks. This has been true from the beginning, and unfortunately it still is. I've wanted to try Missing Sync, but $40 seems like a lot for little gain at the moment. That said, I like their company and commitment to support.