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Originally Posted by Wishdemon
Hey, thanks for the info...

Three questions:

Do you have an idea (even if speculative) as to when the 8800 will be released to B2B? Is there any way that non-B2B people can get it? And,

Is TMobile@Home service being rolled out to more areas? I remember reading that it was being tested in certain areas and was wondering when it may be rolled out nationwide if not to more major markets....Thanks in advance and welcome aboard!
I didn't get a release date for the 8800 (I was too busy drooling over the "other" berry). My guess is that they dont want to flood our customer base with one version just to release another soon after that. I'm sure it will only be a temporary restriction since everyone doesn't want a camera. T-Mobile@home is being launched in Atlanta June 15. I cant remember if thats the nationwide date or not, but I'm about 70% sure it is for most major markets.

I dont blame some of you for doubting the info that I'm presenting. But, unlike "other" employees I held the phone in my hand along with other employees to check it out. Mr. Dotson was in Atlanta to visit our market as well as ask our frontline retail employees what T-Mobile can do to improve its overall service to customers. I never known a CEO to ask entry-level employees on their input.

And for those "other" emplyees who doubt what I say...just email Mr. Dotson and ask know his address, right?

If any of you are T-Mobile customers it will be an exciting 6-12 months coming up.

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