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Default Globe ICON stuck on 8800 screen wont GO!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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Ok so here is the (very anal) yet extremly annoying situation i am in with my 8800. The small tiny globe icon appeared on my screen about a month ago and i cant no matter what i do get rid of it, i am receiving some form of message that i cant locate, and now it has the number 6 next to it, meaning i have received 6 of these "un findable" messages. I have deleted all of my SMS's with hyperlinks, i have also gone into the both my browser options and deleted all of my pushed messages, cahce files and cookies, and still they remain!!!!

Its started to really bug me now that this globe icon is still present on my screen.

Now i dont know about everyone else, but this phone can be quite "buggy" and i hope this icon is'nt stuck on my front screen forever, becuase as sad as it may sound i want to put my Berry in the bin until its fixed!!!!!

also what are people's opinions regarding this Berry, i had the 8700 before this and think as a business device that was far superior, the scoller is much faster and responsive than the tracker ball, my 8800 is very "creaky" and the key pad on the old model was much more confortable to use, especially when writing long winded emails for work purposes.

i bought this berry purely so i could use the multimedia features it has, which i must say are fantastic, i use it everyday for watch videos and listening to music. On the other hand i was shocked to see they did not include a stero head set in the box , like they did with the Pearl.