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Originally Posted by iamOrange
Honestly.... What is the big deal????
...a matter of personal preference. I mean you could use the same argument for any personal preference. What's the big deal with color? What's the big deal with wanting a camera? Heck, what's the big deal with wanting email so quickly? We could go on and on... ;)

Originally Posted by Clandestine
why would you want to remove it?
There are plenty of reasons. One might not like the color or look of the logo. One might not want to advertise for Cingular. One might have an unlocked 8800 and be using it with another carrier. Why do you prefer what you prefer? Regardless, there are people that want to do this and this forum is here for people interested in Blackberries to share information.

Personally, I'd prefer not having the carrier's logo. If I can easily remove it I might or might not do so. It's not a strong preference but luckily there are others who are sharing their experiences with removing the carrier logo.

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