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Originally Posted by ezrunner
Unfortunately water damage is real. Most of the sales people have little or NO electronics training except that which is provided by the perspective carrier. The indicators are a quick way to let them no of liquid coming into contact with the device in some form. I found the best way to tell is to look at the charging or data ports, if you see corrosion (the greenish or white crusty stuff) indeed it is damaged by liquid. MyBB indicator went off afer I had it in Bathroom as I showered no other damage it has worked flawlessly since. Darn if I can get warranty work and I have opened the device to repair/replace the track wheel other than some dirt it as fine.

If the device is working normally then Id say it had a minor exposure. Try contacting the manufacturer you can send it in for warranty yourself. They will generally at the least open the phone first.

I had a lady come in once water indicator red as can be and she absolutely denied any water exposure. I opened the phone and out poored an ocean of water the look on her face was priceless. "ma'am you need a new phone" I stated.

Batteries will typically last 2 years maybe a bit more, using a car charger alot will shorten the life of your battery at least in my experience.

If you drop phone into water DO NOT power it on disassemble as much as you can and let dry for as long as you can, I find putting it on the dryer and runing dryer for several cycles helps quite a bit.

Wow just realized how much I have rambled sorry

Thanks for responding and the information, that's pretty funny about the woman's phone actually. I guess you hear everything.

The only issue I'm having on my phone is the battery isn't holding the charge as long and a few more droped calls than in the beginning. I've had this phone maybe 6 months. I don't use it for anything fancy, every now and then a text msg or pix msg. I'm not having any real issues with my BB, except I have to hard reset to get my messges to come in every now and then. When I took it in that was the first thing they checked, said it had water damage, and to call customer service and they would send me another one. Give me a break!

I don't doubt the indicators turn colors with a little humidity but I'm really beginning to think this is a huge scam with cell phone and BB companies. A way for them to either get you to buy a new phone at full price or pay the $50 deductable to get a new one if you have the insurance. How can they make phones and sell them for hundreds of dollars (unless you sign that contract which isn't good unless you get the insurance and then you get stuck with that deductabe) and walk outside on a humid day and have your phone 'water damaged'? That feels like a built-in scam. I do understand electronics are sensitive to the elements...but I can't think of another piece of electronics equipment that is so sensitive. Radios? iPods? I wear my iPod running and at the gym and it gets WET...

Are phones really that sensitive or are they just using that little sticker under the battery (or where ever they are located on different phones/BBs) as an excuse?