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Originally Posted by UserInVa
Is "water damage" a scam? Is it really possible to get water damage when the phone has never been dropped in water?
Damage no. But simply being in a humid climent over time is enough to trigger those moisture tags. Here in Kansas City it is very humid all the time, and any time in the summer it would be hard to find a phone more than 3 - 6 moths old that does not have the moisture tag(s) turned red. The tags were put in place to prevent real abuse, but they have become a way for the companies to abuse warranties.

Originally Posted by UserInVa
Does that mean I needed a new phone or in this case a new BB?
Actually no not necessarily. First off as mentioned above it is quite likely there was no water damage. Secondly modern electronics run on very low voltages. (1-5) Volts usually. This is not enough voltage to generally instantly cause damage, unless it is saltwater, or you create a dead short with metal across the battery posts.

It is a common misconceptions that water instantly destroys electronics. Mainly thanks movies where sparks and smoke shoot out of devices when they are dropped or get wet. Have you ever actually seen this happen in real life. It almost never does. The voltage is just to low to instantly cause damage unless you do something extrem, like soak them in saltwater, or create a dead short with metal across the batter posts.

Dont get me wrong it can cause damage, but unless you submerge the device is water. Leave it there powered on for enough time for water to saturate it the device could very well be OK.

I have had several friends get their PDAs soaked on boating trips. I just had them turn them off, pull the battery, and open the case for several days to let them completely dry out. They have all been fine.

So if the device still work then there is no reason to replace them.