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Originally Posted by pdqgp
So what everyone is saying is that if the indicator in my 8800 is tripped yet the phone has never been exposed to true water causing damage, RIM / provider can void my warranty?

I'll have to run that by my wife who is an attorney. She can make a few calls to product liability type friends.

IMO, if they denied my warranty, I'd ask them to prove the water caused the issue I'm bringing it in for. Similar to a car that's been in a flood, if it flooded the floor and interior, they can't deny warranty on the entire engine unless they can prove the water damaged the motor.

Sounds like a scam most wouldn't push due to attorney fees. However, I'd push it.

Based on my experience with Verizon with a previous phone (not BB, although I expect the same will happen), yes. I had the phone about 6 months. I can't remember what the symptoms were now, but whatever they were I actually noticed them around 2-3 months but -my bad- I didn't take the phone in right away. I did take it in at 6 months and the first thing they checked was the strip, it was red, and they declared the phone had water damage. (Oh, I remember one of the symptoms was the battery would not hold a charge even through a single phone call. It also used to freeze up or somthing, I just can't remember's been about 2 years.) After tech support declared Water Damage, there was no more discussion. I did not have insurance on that phone so my only option, according to them, was to buy a new phone. Buying a battery was not going to do any good, according to them. I asked about the phone warranty and was told the phone warranty did not cover water damage. I told them flat out the phone had NEVER been near water, ever. Didn't matter, the strip was red. Of course they explained humidity...rain...etc. It was an expensive phone even with the 2 year contract and I pointed that out and asked them to explain how in the world a phone could have water damage resulting in no warranty because of humidity... I could go on, I expect you get the point.

As far as I'm concerned, that's a built in scam.