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Default AIM, MSN and ICQ clients - "unOFFICIALLY" Released!

Please Login to Remove!

Instructions provided by: jibi and jungleland

From your BlackBerry, go to one of the following:

MSN / Live -

MSN/Live Messenger and AOL/AIM Messenger are currently available OTA (over-the-air) from the device. ICQ is available via Desktop/PC USB connection (AXLoader), in addition to OTA.

For non-TMO users (or TMO users receiving login errors) who want to use this service, please do the following:
- Download and extract to your Desktop
- Connect your device to you PC and open Desktop Manager
- Double-click on Backup and Restore; click on Backup (optional step)
- Delete all service books from device (Options > Advanced Options > Service Book)
- Open Backup and Restore in BDM once again and click on Restore; select the all_im_clients.ipd file from your Desktop
- Re-send service books from BIS, or do an HRT update (Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > click and select Register Now)
- Re-activate handheld on BES, if required

Note: A special thanks to Boy Genius for the service books.

- These do not currently OFFICIALLY work for anyone but a handhful of users (and that small percentage is on TMO). This is due to the missing service books from your carrier. These should be available shortly, although it is currently unknown as to who will get them and what kind of exclusivity agreements are in place between RIM and the carriers.
- As mentioned in the agreement you accept prior to downloading/installing these clients, RIM does not support these clients and are available 'as is' from them (yes, they are developed by RIM).
- When functional, these clients will use up KB from your data plan (if you are not on an unlimited plan) and will not impact your text messaging plans (some IM clients do affect these SMS/text plans).
- With the workaround, AIM, MSN and ICQ clients have been confirmed as working (by myself, personally -Jibi)
- The 30 'buddy' limitation found in AIM is a limitation of AIM Mobile; RIM's client for AIM utilizes the built-in 'Mobile Device' group provided by AOL

Online User Guides (view from WAP/handheld ONLY):

COD/ALX Installation Files: Click Here


It's been posted before, but I'll post again - the clients are down. They are not working for anyone at this time. The connection errors are the same errors that everyone else are receiving.

The services were working for a bit last night (4/9) (confirmed by many) but around 10pm EST they went down.

Please do not keep cluttering up the thread with your connection error problems. Once the services are back up someone, I'm sure, will post it here. There is no current ETA as none of us would be able to know this anyway.

Thank you.

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