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Originally Posted by masssheltie
Do you set up any restrictions on how sync takes place? Meaning, do you only allow desk to Blackberry writing, while prohibiting Blackberry to desk?
From the desktop mgr, when double clicking on "Synchronize" the window appears with two tabs. I choose the Configuration Tab, Config Sync button, then I highlight one of the handheld applications, such as Calendar, click the Advanced button , then Conflict Resolution Tab, Under Options I choose, Notify Me When Conflicts Occur. (in fact I have all my apps set this way).

I find this choice the best option for me, as then if there is a conflict a dialog box appears which allows me to choose the action I wish to take. In the event there is no conflict it automatically brings the most current info into either Outlook or my handheld depending on which one has the most current info. This way at the end of the sync all the current data including anything new that was added to one and not the other, is now on both.

After years of trying different devices such as PDA's other Smartphones, etc. The way the desktop manager handles Sync's is absolutely the fastest and most stable of all. I am competely satisfied with the exemplary performance of the BlackBerry platform.
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