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Originally Posted by antvega
I searched the forum for a topic similar to this but didn't really find anything, maybe I used poor search strings so I do apologize if this has been covered.

But my dilemma is, I have an 8800 that I purchased aftermarket (not from Cingular, so I can't easily return it) and a 8100 (white direct from T-mobile so that I can easily return it) and I don't know which to keep.

They both have very good pros and cons, but maybe I'm missing something that one of you regulars can tip me off about that would put either of these two devices in a different light.

I love the form factor of the 8100 but that seems to be its downfall as well. It might actually be too small. It's not the suretype that bothers me (I still have and LOVE my 7130c) but the keys are so close together and that rubber finish kinda makes it hard to get a good repetition going. (And why oh why did RIM remove the arrows off of the sym key? I hate moving my thumb off the keypad to change the word selection)

But with that small form factor comes the pocketability that I love so much about it. And then theres the cam and the mp3 and usual assortment of niceness that comes with owning a 8100.

And the 8800 with its larger wide display and full qwerty keypad and arguably nicer finish, bigger battery and gps. But even the mighty 8800 is not without flaws as the spacebar on this unit drives me CRAZY!!! It's softer than any other key (have tested several units this seems to be a manufacturing thing) and only works when hit dead center (any DASH users out there, you know what I'm talking about) and don't even get me started on why a $440+ device squeaks more than a rusty door.

And so I was wondering...If given a choice, which would you pick? Would you stick with small sleeker 8100 or would you go with the larger but just as sleek 8800 and why?

As some background: I use the blackberry for email its not just a cool toy to me. I get my work mail on it, but do not use BES and having a camera on my phone (blackberry) is not a problem. I also have tried the carry two devices at once thing and didn't like that. And I've also thought about just carrying both the pearl and the 8800 but that might be over kill as I would only really just use one for messaging and the other would be for voice and there are better choice out there for that, AND I'd rather have just one device for both. And to be fair both the 8100 and 8800 have come a long ways in sound and voice quality from my days with a 7290 and 8700c and g. I would say that these newer handset rival Moto's in call quality and If you've ever used a V6 Razr Maxx then you know that's pretty damn good.

OK I think I'm done. Again, I do apologize if this has been rehashed before.
Do you want a full Qwerty keyboard and a bigger size with GPS and no camera? Or do you want a smaller device with no gps and a camera? One is not better than the other ... it is up to you as far as what you need it for.

Me, im more about smaller size and camera. I could care less about GPS because I have my TomTom. So, for me, going with the 8800 is kind of a silly choice to make just because it has a higher number. Some of these people hate SureType, want the QWERTY keyboard, and don't mind not having a camera.

Nobody can make the decision for you ... and certainly don't get the 8800 just because the number is higher. That is the dumbest reason to choose a device.