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Lightbulb Tips in putting on screen protector or full body protector

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Ok... as most of you know, to put on the screen protector or full body protector, you have to use water and a drop of liquid soap in a bowl.

I believe, SanFrancisco have an excellent "How To" put it on the phone. But I can not find it. Maybe it was made by another user. I don't know. If anyone knows the link, please post it here. Thanks.

Now most of you who are long term users here know that I don't like the idea of using water and a drop of soap to do it.

The reason is, if you accidentally got some inside the phone, you have to wait at least 12 to 24 hours for it to dry out before you put the battery back in to start up the phone again.

So my recommendation is to use rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol (if you can find it) in place of using water and soap. That way it will dry out faster and you only have to wait 30 minutes or less.

To be honest with you, I never try it to see if it works or not.

When I lost my job, I replace my Blackberry 8100 with a cheap Samsung cell phone. I order the full body protection from ShieldZone - Screen Protector for iPod, PDA, Cell Phone & PSP . When I received it, I notice the bottle that comes with it was leaking and there's almost no liquid in the bottle.

I decided that this is the time to give my idea a try to see if you can use rubbing alcohol to put the full body protection on the cell phone.

Or will I end up eating my own words and this will end up being a failure.

I went out to buy rubbing alcohol. It contains 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and 30% water. I pour it in a small spray bottle. I start putting it on the Samsung cell phone.

As I expect, it did dry out quite fast. But here's something I did not expect. Once it drys out, I left the phone alone for couple hours. When I came back, I noticed air bubble under the skin. Arugh!

So maybe this is not such a great idea after all.

The next day, I check the phone again and to my surprise all the air bubbles are gone!

Maybe this is not such a bad idea after all.

Now let's fast forward to the present.

I came back several weeks later after getting another job. I bought a Blackberry 8100 (White version), Blackberry white skin case, and full body protection from Best Skins Ever Home Page

I decided to try another experiment. I decided to mix a mixture of 50% rubbing alcohol, 50% water, and a drop of soap.

I decided to put it on the phone. After I finish putting it on the phone, it did not dry out right away. It took about 2 to 3 hours before it was completely dry.

It works, and there's no bubbles under the skin.

So now here's my TIP.

1 - I let you decided which solution to use.
---- A - You can use rubbing alcohol straight from the bottle.
---- B - Use 50% rubbing alcohol, 50% water, and a drop of soap
2 - If you decided to use only rubbing alcohol, keep in mind, it takes a day for the air bubbles to disappear.
3 - Use a clean credit card. I recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the credit card. After I finish putting the protection on the phone, I found out that I should have clean the credit card first.
4 - I making #4 bold because if you decided to use my idea or not, I think you should definitely do this. I recommend doing this on a table. If you you accidentally spill some solution on the table or splash some on the table, leave it there. Why? After you finish putting it on the phone, the liquid on the table will tell you if the solution on the phone has dried out or not. So if you accidentally get some inside the phone, you will know if it is dry or not. Once the table is completely dry, put the battery back in the phone. To be on the very safe side, after the table is dry, wait 30 minutes than put the battery back in the phone.

I hope this is useful to everybody!

A side note:

I highly recommend that you have insurance on the phone. Because if some liquid get inside the phone, it will trip the water indicators inside the phone.

If you simply refuse to get insurance on the phone, I recommend not to get the protection sheets too wet.
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