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Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
I just got my Best Skins Ever. Since I have a lot of experience with denatured alcohol, I decided to use that as opposed to soap and water. When doing the installation I used a liberal amount of denatured alcohol (only), as it evaporates rapidly and will not hurt anything if it runs inside a bit. Especially since it drys so quickly. I did the installation at 8pm in the evening. When done it looked really good and was 95% dry, completely bubble free, with only a very small hint of moisture at two corners.

I left it out to finish drying until the next morning at 6am at which time it was perfectly dry. The bubble free appearance is simply amazing and I was pleasantly surprised at how it is nearly impossible to notice it's on the phone. The added grip is well worth it.

I'm very happy with the product and would encourage any of you that are going to install a clear skin on your phone to use only denatured alcohol. It's readily available at any Home Depot, hardware store, or Lowe's. They usually sell it in a one gallon metal can for a couple dollars.

I use it as a cleaning solution for all my electronics, expensive watches, or anything that needs to be cleaned that is delicate. It's the only chemical that I have found that does not attack plastics of any kind. It's absolutely safe, and goes on without any of the residue of rubbing alcohol, which by comparison takes quite a while to dry. I'm convinced that it also attributed to the formidable grip of the material to the phone.
Thanks, I check it out. I only found Denatured alcohol at (I think) Rite Aid. But it's behind the counter at the pharmacy and they only have one huge giant bottle of it that cost $50!

I check out those stores tomorrow or the next day and see if they have it.
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