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News from the mailing list:

Originally Posted by Chris Frey
I recently got my hands on a new 8800 Pearl, and tweaked the CVS version
of bcharge to work better with the Pearl. The CVS version of bcharge
has been broken for a while now, and I believe it is now fixed.

There are 3 ways to run bcharge now, with the Pearl:

Will change to 500mA, and switch idProduct mode from 0006 to 0004 (dual).
bcharge -o
Will change to 500mA and switch from 0006 to 0001 (classic)
bcharge -d
Will change to 500mA and switch from 0001 to 0004 (dual).
This is the behaviour I had hoped for earlier, but I tried to do it
automatically, which seems impossible, from just the USB data. I'm sure
if I talked to the device to get manufacturer, product strings, etc
I could do more checks, but that would make bcharge more complicated
than necessary. I think the above command line switches are a good balance.
I personally haven't had a chance to test the new code yet.
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