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Default Will RIM/BlackBerry Utilize More Memory?!

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I'm aware that several aspects of what I'm about to mention 'may' be scattered amongst many other threads, so I do apologize if it seems repetitive.

With more multimedia intensive applications existing today and just over the horizon, it would seem that a more efficient/powerful cpu & usuage of memory will be needed.

The current cpu was a great choice at the time, when RIM signed the deal with Intel. However, even INtel finds no future in it & as such has sold it some time ago. Now, I'm not intending for RIM to just go for a 500Mhz+ cpu, that would lay waste to battery life. I'm asking for RIM to look for a dual-core cpu that can do double duty with multimedia (audio/video), and power efficiency with the ability to manage cpu intensive tasks. Along with the ability to handle multiple radio technologies ALL on one chip. Consider it cost of savings.

Memory is another concern. I'm not refering to core utilization of applications, like Calendar, AddressBook, MemoPad, etc. I'm refering to using a game loaded into memory, then ALT-ESC'ing into BBMaps, then switching to an application that querries into the net. I'm sure we've all noticed a brief slowdown and that "hourglass" while it reloads application data in order to run that app. I'd LOVE for RIM to somehow enable the use of the MicroSD card as an edition to the running memory, but its not fast enough for read/writes. So the next logical step is to imbedd more system memory. 128MB will increase the cost of the hardware to new retail purchases & on contract alike. But what about 96MB? Is that the sweet spot?!

With all the rumors & photos of the 8300, no information regarding its memory has leaked out.

Will we see NO more lag - even though its minute currently?
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