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Red face BES Is The Way

I believe the BES service is what will do this for you. I wanted everything you want. I am using the ExchangeMyMail solution. My costs are about the same as yours extra per month ($20 for the Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry wireless service; $10 extra on T-Mobile for the Unlimited Data Plan Plus BES service as opposed to just the Unlimited Data Plan) but I gladly pay the extra for what it offers me. The BIS service will not offer a two way sync of your mailbox, I don't believe.

In order to get Sent Messages from my BlackBerry to show in GMail, what I do is I use my BlackBerry e-mail account ( to send messages. On my 8700g I went to Options > Advanced Options > Message Services and set the Messaging (CMIME) value to my BlackBerry account. When setting up my BlackBerry e-mail account on T-Mobile I set the AutoBCC field to be my Gmail account e-mail. I also set the Reply To field to be my Exchange account. Then I have a filter in GMail that archives and labels those e-mail so I know they are sent from my BlackBerry. I really don't care that the Sent Items don't show in the Exchange Sent Mail folder, because I am using GMail to archive those anyway. For the mail sent from my Outlook Client, I use the same program you use, Auto BCC, and forward it to my GMail account. Of course all incoming mail to my domain e-mail address is archived and labeled as well using filters.

For cleaning up my GMail I can either use the web site or the GMail mobile application on my BlackBerry. I usually will do this once per month or something.

The ExchangeMyMail service also has online virus and SPAM tools, so I have everything I need. The only real requirement not met was the delete on the BlackBerry meant an Archive in GMail, but since I archive everything anyway (just label it differently) that does not matter so much to me.

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