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Default Memory management / Applications running in background?

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Hi - I'm still relatively new to the BB world and I've been trying to figure something out:

On WM5, I could access memory/storage settings and see how much memory I was using for both programs AND storage. In other words, if I was running a web browser, google maps, contacts, and windows media player at the same time, the memory bar would show a higher level. So when I shut those programs down, the memory indicator would show more free memory. It was an easy way for me to judge when/why the phone was reaching its limits. Also I could adjust where to allocate more space - in program memory or free storage.

WM5 didn't actually shut down the programs when you exited out of them, they were always running in the background until you forced them to close with an app manager. You could choose 'shut down all' or select which ones to close. Or you could download a program that closed them for you when you quit.

So my questions are:
How does BB work in terms of memory management? Does the BB automatically shut programs down? I noticed that when I hit the end key instead of closing a program with the menu selection, it keeps it running.

Does the escape key shut down programs?

Is the 'switch application' option from the homescreen menu a complete list of apps running? Is it the only way to see which apps are running? Also BB messenger seems to keep running in the background and I can't make it quit - is this normal?

Is 'status' under settings the only way to see how much memory is being used? It doesn't seem to update when i open a lot of programs simultaneously.

Is there a one step way to shut down all programs running in the background?

I'm open to hear any other explanations of how my 8800 manages memory. Thanks in advance!