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Default I am a AT&T User...with Questions

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My Issues
I currently have a Motorola T720 phone, which just had a piece break off. It still works great, but a piece broke off and it is time to replace. I work in the IT industry and the phone is a work phone. I travel a lot in the US ((Western half), and maybe 5 times a year tops to London, Germany, and South Africa. I normally rent-a-phone there. My company pays for everything. My company also has the Blackberry Enterprise Server. In addition I am a AT&T user. I like to put the phone in my pocket. When I am in the office or afterwork/weekend I use the phone as my personal phone and I like to put the phone in my pocket. I normally wear clothes in the office and out of the office on the baggy side. When I travel I wear suits. So please take all of that into consideration.

I am looking at three phones. The 7780, 7100t, and Treo 650. My issue is that I am a AT&T user and two of the three phones are not available yet. My T720 is useable and works great (meaning I can wait).

My Views
Good - Great Keyboard. Easy Navigation. Push E-mail.
Bad - No Bluetooth. No Speaker Phone. From what I understand the web is not that great on the BB devices vs the comp.

Good - Push E-mail. Easy Nav. Bluetooth. Speaker phone. Maybe better Web Interface.
Bad - Not a fan of the keyboard. It is not available on AT&T at this time.

Treo 650
Good - Good Web Interface. Good Keyboard.
Bad - Similiar to the 7100t, not out yet and Sprint is going to get it first. Does not push e-mail. And my company has BES.

My Questions
1) Which phone should I get?

2) Is Treo out of the question because my company has started in the Blackberry technology (BES)?

3) Should I switch to T-Mobile and get the 7100t? (Remember I travel - mostly in the Western half of the US. I live in Sacramento, CA)

4) If I go Blackberry and use the BES, how can I fight spam here at work. I get about 70 e-mails a day and 30 of those on average at spam. I was thinking of changing my company e-mail address and stop putting my e-mail address out there or looking into some sort of spam filter. But I know how to take care of client side spam, but what about server side SPAM? Does BES have anything for SPAM? Or should I get my IT department to beef up on Server side software to block more SPAM.

I can get the 7780 now. But I feel like if I get it now, I might be thinking about, "What if I waited". Will I be really happy with the 7780.

I would like to hear your the way....First Time Poster

~Veenus Envy