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Originally Posted by themacace
hi all
i know people have successfully tethered their 7100t/7290 to their pc with the usb cable-my question is, how do you do it with the mac?
it shows up as a network port, but what script do i need? how do i set it up?
PS-anyone know how to enable netmonitor style mode on the bb? i depend on this on my 6230b
It's a driver issue. When you install BB Desktop on your windoze box, you get a driver that can recoginze a BB. I've been trying to get the USB driver on the linux partition of my laptop to see the BB for a couple weeks, with no luck. If you (we) are lucky, someone will find the hack to make this work. BB has a very secure bluetooth stack, so you (we) are not gonnna get in that way.

So, if I need to tether, I hold my nose and boot the windoze partition. Of coures, if I think I may need to do that before I travel, I make sure my virus/spyware/gatesbugs updates are current.