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Default My 7520 is not so dead afterall (after upgrade...)

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Hi all,
I posted a few days ago about problems I had with upgrading my 7520 to .319. An aborted 1:20+ install process caused my BB to malfunction, with the device flashing the red light twice repeatedly when the battery was installed (and the device would not power up or respond in any way.)

I called NXTL BB support and tier two told me it was broken and to turn the device in for service, however, this is incorrect. I was able to resurrect the BB.

Even when the device flashes red twice it still can communicate via USB. After a few more attempts I was able to load the firmware. I am leaving out a lot of detail of what I went through. I even saw a distinctly Strange Brew'ish Canadian error message on the BB: "PPP Buffer usage hosed. [reset]" during the process. Also went through a 507 error.

Windows 98 SE seems to be the culprit. Blackberry even implies that Win98 might have troubles:

So, the point of my message is:
1) I do not recommend using Windows 98 to upgrade the 7520, or any other Blackberry.
2) If your Blackberry flashes its red light repeatedly and becomes unresponsive, you should definitely try to restore it with the application loader before giving up hope. It might not be as dead as it seems.

Kudos to Blackberry for putting enough thought into the BB design to allow this type of restoration to be possible...