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Originally Posted by jg70124 View Post
Actually, I see that Cing's "BB Personal Plan" (unlimited, BIS only) is $29.99, and their "BB Unlimited" (BES) plan is $39.99. So it's really a $10 difference, not a $15 difference.

I'm currently using a Treo with Chatter against an IMAP server, and my total data charge is $20/month. It's hard for me to justify spending an additional $40/month to switch to BB BES, although I'm really getting tired of crappy Palm OS.

So the news about BIS 2.3 is good for me - guess I'll have to go get a gmail account...
Ohhhhhh. So THAT'S why the rep asked me whether I'd be using it on a server or not. This was a while ago though. Amazing how much you learn in such a short time. Still wonder why my bill was labelled Unlimited BIS though.

I was never offered a BIS Personal plan. :( But even so, probably a good thing. It all boils down to cost-justification. Some people get these things just to quench that instant-gratification thirst, but others actually need it and can justify paying the extra money.

Good luck!