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Originally Posted by AuntyDan View Post
It seems that it has both but Sprint will fix it to use CDMA when in their American network areas, and allow GSM when roaming/abroad. The idea is that you can buy service cheaply from a foreign service provider on GSM.

Anyone know if Verizon will allow you to choose your GSM provider or force you to use a Vodaphone "partner" network?

The big advantage as far as I can see of using CDMA is EV-DO for data as opposed to EDGE, which I believe is currently the only option on GSM networks given the lack of 3G support in the 8xxx series so far.
My sources tell me that the VZW version will be locked to Vodaphone on GSM. However, that doesn't mean that some industrious individual might not come up with a way to generate unlock codes for a sufficient sum of money as has happened on numerous other GSM devices that start their lives as carrier-locked.

Since the radio in the 8830 doesn't support the North American GSM frequencies, you're going to be CDMA only in NA, and the device will prefer (e.g., default) to CDMA networks (does anybody know if there's any place in the world that has both CDMA and "foreign" GSM such that the 8830 might be stuck deciding which one to use?). Also, I believe that overseas data will be limited to GPRS, not EDGE (again, a limitation of the chipset, not of the carrier).

I'm sort of torn here. I'm carrying a Cingular 8800 right now, still w/in 30 days. It's only EDGE, whereas the 8830 would be EVDO. However, the 8800 has a considerably faster processor. Even if this doesn't make a difference for web browsing speeds, data downloads, etc., it seems like it would as far as executing the OS, such that one can anticipate that the 8830 will be slower than the 8800 from the get go. Does anybody know where the performance bottleneck on these devices is?