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Facility & Security... $600 per month.
Electricity... $200 per month.
Gas... $30 per month.
Descent Internet Connection... $300 per month.

3 Tech Support people ($10 per hour)... $7200 per month.
1 Admin ($20 per hour)... $3200 per month.

3 Servers, can be used... $1000 each.
3 Copies of Windows Server 2003... $900 each.
1 Copy of ISA Server... $800.
1 Copy of Exchange Server... $1200.
1 Copy BES, 100 User... $4000.
1 Big UPS... $1500.
1 Dedicated Server -> $145/mo
1 Windows License w/Datacentre-> $22/mo
Tech Support people ($0.75 per completed ticket)... $$$
1 Admin ($200/mo outsourced)... $200/mo

Total initial monthly cost is just about $370 and all you need to do is buy the software that will run on the servers. As far as I know this is a one time cost so once the software is paid for it is pure profit.

According to link the server I have priced with a very good datacentre could handle up to 5x this much (CPU/Ram). I am assuming that 3-5mbit is enough bandwidth.

1 Copy of ISA Server... $800.
1 Copy of Exchange Server... $1200.
1 Copy BES, 100 User... $4000.
Just assuming these prices are correct. Total software cost is $6000

$50 per user setup fee ( at 100 users == $5000.

Assuming 25 users cancel and 25 more signup the software is paid for with a $250 profit in setup fees.

At $10 per user per month a profit of $630 per month is doable.. At $15 per user per month you have a $1470 profit.

BES/MDS hosting is just like Webhosting. It is all about numbers.

$10 per month is completely doable as you can see. The no setup fee option is a bit harder but, for a larger service it wouldn't be a problem.

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