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Originally Posted by 2 Samuel 22 View Post
I haven't seen VZW's new navigation offering but I have tested TeleNav, Blackberry Maps & Google Maps on a Cingular 8800, 8700c w/puck, and 8703e w/puck. TeleNav is what you want. True turn-by-turn voice directions and large arrows. SAT acquisition was fast and screen refresh was very quick. It prompts you to turn or exit at 1/2 mile & 1/4 mile mark, well in advance of the actual turn or exit. It also re-routes you if you go in the wrong direction. Very nice.

VZW's offering is "suppose" to be a better VZNavigator. Sort of a TeleNav/VZNav hybrid or at least that's the rumor.

As much as I love TeleNav I'd stick with VZW. In my experience, I wouldn't trade VZW's coverage for Cingular's spotty coverage. If VZNav doesn't work as planned, you could always go with an external GPS puck and install TeleNav on the 8830. Your mileage may vary.
Can I get an AMEN!?!? I love my Verizon voice and particularly data service. I gasped at first when I read that you wanted to keep your Cingular for data, but Verizon for voice ONLY because of how slow their network is, however, I didn't realize that most folks only use their blackberrys for email and not heavy web browsing like me. I like the puck idea I tihnk. Seems to be pretty cheap... $129? Probably less other places, but I saw that on the shopblackberry site.