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Are you guys tethering because that is a lot of data. I am on the 10mb plan with Verizon and I have yet to exceed 3 mb. Also, it seems that every time I call #DATA to check my usage lately, it says 0MB so I have no idea why it doesn't give me an accurate count like it used to.

I get about 10-15 emails/ day and check a few web pages per day. If that is all you are planning on doing, then a limited plan would be ok. I also have Jivetalk on my bb which is an instant messaging program. I was told before if I leave that signed in 24/7 it might use about 4mb/month itself just updating everyone's status. For this reason I only sign in on occasion and sign out when I am done talking to people. If you plan to have programs on your bb that update, such as a weather program or an instant messaging program, you might want to opt for the "unlimited" plan.

If you are curious as to how much data a web page uses, it depends on if it is regular html or a wap mobile page.

WAP Pages (ie. wap.blackberryforums)= <8kb/ page load
HTML Pages (ie my old blog <130kb
Emails= <10kb most of the time and I think the largest email I have received was about 15kb

I hope this helps you make your decision. If you post back about what you expect from your bb (ie what you want it to do for you) we can help make a plan recommendation for you.

I should definitely say that too many people overlook the limited plans because they here of these horror stories of people racking up huge bills by going over. I have yet to here about someone on here with a limited plan going over though.
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