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Default SIM Card "Phone Number" Field Question

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OK, this is a simple question that has devolved into a mini research project for me. We are trying to reconcile carrier billing info with active BlackBerry users, and are finding many SIM card accounts we are paying data plans for but we don't know who is using the device or where it is.

I use the BB Manager to find devices by carrier phone number which is easy most of the time, however many accounts (229 out of 1905 or about 12%) do not have the "phone number" field populated in BB Manager, these are the accounts I am trying to track down.

Results so far:

1. I have discovered through previous posts that the "My Number:" field at the top of the Phone app pulls directly from the SIM card's "Phone number" field. If present on the device, the "My Number:" field then populates the BB Manager account "Phone Number" field in the SQL database.

2. Interestingly, this number can be user edited via Options / Advanced / SIM Card / Edit SIM Phone Number. Also interestingly, it appears to be a display field only and does not change the phone number that the SIM card actually uses.

3. Normally this SIM Card "Phone Number" field is populated by the carrier during the provisioning process, and before they ship the SIM Card out. In some cases, however, they sloppily forget this step which results in a missing SIM card field, and thus an "Unknown Number" on the Phone app display, however the SIM & voice calling work just fine, as again the true number is encoded into the SIM and unrelated to the "Phone Number" SIM display field.

4. It is easy enough for the end user to edit and add their phone number if nonexistent, or change it if the number associated with the SIM is changed by the carrier.

Now, for my question:

I do not have the ability to track down each of these BlackBerry's with a missing Phone Number field and add it manually, and I do not want to bother our userbase with doing this task. Is there ANY WAY I can do this remotely by knowing just the phone number, either via a hack myself or having the carrier push something to the device's SIM card?

I have heard that dialing the number from another phone may populate the field, does anyone have experience with this method or any other method that may work in this scenario?

Also, if any of the above assumptions are incorrect feel free to provide updated info. Thanks!
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