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Originally Posted by atrueman View Post

How do I get my sent mail from my BlackBerry 8700 to my Outlook sent items folder without having to forward or BCC everything. I am using a POP3 account and BlackBerry Internet solutions. Surely there is a synchronization option in the Desktop software???

First, on your BlackBerry, go to Messages, Click the wheel/menu button and select Options, then Email Settings. Make sure Save Copy In Sent Folder is set to Yes.

Typically with a POP account, email sent from your BlackBerry shows up in your POP Inbox, and you have to filter those emails (by filtering either at the POP site or at the BIS site) to NOT be forwarded to your BlackBerry to prevent it showing up twice on your BlackBerry. In fact, there are many threads asking how to stop that!

You didn't say what POP service you're using, but I use both Gmail and Yahoo Plus and have had to do that with both accounts. I filter at the BIS site. When I pull my email down into Outlook Express, I get emails I sent from the BlackBerry, but without a filter moving it to a folder, it comes into either my Draft folder or Inbox.

I'm surprised you don't see it coming into your Outlook Inbox - or maybe Draft folder. Maybe it's in Draft and you never noticed? If that's the case, just create a rule to send it to your Sent folder.