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Originally Posted by IanHummel View Post
So when they assign my new 8800 to the BES, all my contacts, calender, etc. that was on the 8700 previously will be put onto the 8800? What about messages that were marked as "saved" on the 8700, will those be gone?
It will when they run your BB through Enterprise Activation. Adding an account for you to the BES isn't the same as an EA. IIRC, saved messages are only saved on your BB and you'll probably need to use the Backup utility to transfer them. Same is true for any old email that you want to keep as EA only pushes out a very limited amount of old email.

Originally Posted by IanHummel View Post
Once I do the steps you just said, will the device be ok to send to a new person for them to use, free of all my old data? We don't have any IT policies that restrict anything that I know of (i've never ran into anything).
A BIS transfer (see below) and device wipe via Options->Security will do it.

Originally Posted by IanHummel View Post
As far as my blackberry e-mail address, how do I get that transferred to the new Blackberry? Last time I washed my 8700 and had to buy a new one, i lost my blackberry e-mail address and had to create a new one.
If you're staying with the same carrier you can transfer your BIS account to a new BB. You need the PIN and IMEI (Options->Status) of the new Blackberry. The transfer will take care of directing new email but you need to remove the service books from the old BB (device wipe will do this).