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Default 10 Emails, Magic Memory and JVM errors

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This is my first post here and its a big one, so apologies if there are any noobish mistakes!

I have run some searches on this forum, but have yet to find anything that closely resembles my situation. I was hoping one of the experts here might be able to help.

First off, a little background. My team provision BB 7730 to our clients. We have BES 4.0 and run software version Up until recently, the only problems a user would report are the occasional JVM errors (usually 523). We normally just re-flash their device, reactivate it and then send it back to them, the user is happy.

10 Emails

In the past week or so, we have had users come back with what we have called the '10 email problem'. For some reason, the device will suddenly allow the user to only view only 10 emails at any time. If a new email is received, the oldest one is deleted. I am aware the device will delete older emails to make space for newer, but to restrict itself to only 10 emails seems a bit odd, regardless of how big the emails are. So far we have had 12 people come back to us with this and the number is growing. So users have had their devices recently and others have had theirs for months, so it seems completely random.

Reflashing the device usually solves the problem, but eventually after a day or so, crops back up again. I assumed that killing and reflashing the device would wipe all data including internet cache, so if you re-activate, you should be able to start from a clean sheet.

My colleague recently re-flashed and re-activated his own device and straight off the bat, he could only see 10 emails, depsite the fact that he had about 100 sitting in his inbox. We assumed this could a network problem of some kind. Just to be sure, I activated my own device with his email account, and I managed to pull all of his emails just fine, so I'm ruling out network issues. According to the BES, none of the emails are pending and all are being sent through just fine. No problems on that side (I think).

Our network provider is Vodafone and their BB technical support have failed to help us out, because they are as unsure as we are. We thought maybe they could be just dodgy devices, but the users they have affected are completly random.

Magic Memory

In an effort to get to the bottom of this problem I recently reflashed my 7730 and sent over 200 test emails to my device to fill up the space as quickly as possible. I already had 11 emails to start with before i started this to see whether or not they would eventually be deleted.

Every 5 messages, I would check to see how much memory was left. I had not used the browser, so there were no history/cookie/cache files that would take up space. I started with 888000 bytes remaining. After 206 emails, I had 755704 bytes, which seemed reasonable. But here is the wierd part. Every now and again the amount of memory I had left would often go UP as well as go down. (see attachment - Memory Test.doc).

No emails were deleted at any time during this time (all 206 test emails, plus my 11 previous emails remained) and I was nowhere near running out of memory, so my question is what is my device 'deleting' to allow my memory space to go up?

JVM Errors

Also, how do you cause JVM errors? I have read the documentation on (so I know what they are), but they do not mention how they are caused to begin with. I have tried my hardest to 'break' my device so that I can advise others on what NOT to do, so they stop receiving errors. I have only seen a 523, and that was when a device ran out of battery power during reconciliation.

Also, apart from re-flashing the device, is there any other way of clearing the error?
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