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Originally Posted by outfocus View Post the title, suggests, my first impressions I wrote about last week are coming true to many.

I believe the 8800 criticisms were too harsh, the fact is that there is nothing wrong with the 8800, except for the squeeky sides, and the keyboard is no worse than the Curve.

So who's switching back?
I say I made the biggest leap on this one of anyone. I switched from T-Mobile (5 year customer) to AT&T finally. I just got sick and tired of T-Mobile's "new direction" they're going.. everything good is gone... they're no longer a relevant player in the US Market (and internally they all know it - notice less ads, less new devices, less competitive rate plane... let's face it, they're coming to reality that they can't compete with the big boys)... don't get me wrong, I'm a former EMPLOYEE of TMO, so I even hung on longer than I should, but hey, gotta do what's best for me.

I went out and snatched up a couple 8300's... and love them, even though I could type fast on the 8100 I would get so pissed when i tried to type words it didn't know (one thing I noticed was when I'd drink I'd try to type and I'd mess up and it made me wanna throw the thing)... the new 8300 is a lush's best friend...not only can you type easier when intoxicated, but you can spell check it when done!

But in all seriousness, from an unbiased source, the reception I have experienced on AT&T thus far is superior to T-Mobile. I live in a downtown high-rise and I couldn't use my t-mobile phone in the elevators (yeah shoulda been a deal killer) whereas the new AT&T phone has full bars!!!