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I understand the basic human need to rationalize one's decisions and look to others for approval - but, honestly, to actively denounce one device over the other seems counterproductive.

I'm one of those guys that is a phone whore - and I've had an 8700, 7130, Pearl, 8800 and now a Curve (8300) and despite the lack of a GPS in the Curve, I'm really quite happy with what RIM has done with it. The 8700 was something of a learning platform for me... the 7130 disappointing... the Pearl was a breath of fresh air but flawed to me because it lacked a QWERTY and 320x240 screen and some processing horsepower... the 8800 was a solid, fast performer but I had a problem with the weight and size not being optimal (no camera either)... and the Curve provided me with the perfect fit to my hand that I have been craving along with the QWERTY and screen I wanted.

My next Blackberry will be a Curve sized device with Camera, GPS and 3G... whenever that model shows up, I can update my device list.

I had been waiting for an iPhone, but I've really soured on it because Apple is already engineering v2.0 to correct the flaws in the device they haven't even put on the street yet. To me, spending $700 beans on a 1.0 device that has issues (no user replaceable battery is a real oversight) isn't in the cards, especially given that the Curve is such a do-it-all device in it's own right.

So, I guess we all now have a blackberry for every taste, and for right now, the Curve sates my desires... to each his own berry I say!


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