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Default Push Email...please clarify.

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Hello there.

I am new to this forum...and new to Blackberries. I am on the verge of picking up a 7250 from VZ, but I have questions for you BB veterens.

I am using a Kyocera 7135 now. My wife and I are in professions that require us to sport both a cell and a two way text pager. We use a Motorola P935 for our instant messaging needs. We are looking at the BB to handle the job of both effectively and securely.

Here are my questions.

1. Their push email appears to be the alternative to our text paging needs. Is this feature part of the basic featureset of the BB? I have to pick up a data option for this to work? I know that VZ offers BB Data Solution plans (a 5 meg and an unlimited), but I don't really surf too much nor do I really have the need to access my other POP email accounts, BUT the instant messaging is vital for us. I was hoping to hear that the PUSH EMAIL feature is included in the standard voice plan and that I would not have to fork out an extra $50 a month to obtain this feature. The SMS features are too limited for me. 160 characters per msg is too restrictive.

2. I am interviewing the BB and the Treo 650 (I know the comparison has been argued to no end already here). The PULL email on the Treo doesn't appeal to me. The smaller footprint does, but the feasibility of the tiny keyboard makes me cautious. The rumors that I am hearing is that the BB's phone abilities are mediocre at best. Any substance here? I hear that the volume levels are not loud enough. Clarity is spotty. And no voice dialing?

3. No speakerphone? That's disappointing. No flash card storage? Not a huge biggie, but somewhat reduces it's flexibility...perhaps in trade for stability? My 7135 was useful in that it played MP3s for me during those "appropriate" times. I assume the BB cannot.

4. Bluetooth. Does it work well for the BB? Then again, I hear it's only marginally effective on the Treo too.

5. Battery life. Please advise here...are the rated times on their site inflated?

6. VIBRATE alert. Is it strong enough? The vibrate alert on my P935 is GREAT. On my Kyocera 7135, I miss a lot of calls because of it's weak vibration.

7. Holster design. I like the use of plastic holsters. What are the opinions of the OEM included holster? Construct? Secure? Easy one handed release? Is there a better aftermarket holster?

I know some of these questions may have been addressed already, but after doing a few searches across this forum, I found that some of the responses were inconclusive. I am hoping that I can get some fresh opinions here so that I can make the right choice.

In a nutshell, between the two phones, I am looking for a good performing phone, with robust instant emailing capabilities, base PDA functions (contact list, day planner, and calender), and solid bluetooth performance. I don't mind forking out $600 for a pair of phones, but I would like to fulfill my needs with just a voice plan rate.

Is it possible?

Thanks for the advice.