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Originally Posted by dtmfjunkie View Post
I'm a little annoyed that the sleeve is not longer leather. The one for the pearl is leather, but for the 8300 it is nylon. The only plus side I could see is that it won't stretch, so hopefully it stays snug.
I think sometimes people don't think before they type... we always remember things being better than they were...

The 62xx/72xx series came with a plastic clip that just clipped it to your belt providing no protection, just a way to hang it on you. To replace they were $29.99 for a cheap piece of plastic and leather cases were $39.99.

The 71xx series came with a crappy cheap little vynl slide in thing... and to replace they were $19.99 or $39.99 for the OEM leather.

The 81xx series came with nothing, because it really is a device designed for a pocket. Anyone who felt the need to put the device anywhere other than the pocket wasn't the target demographic RIM was going for in that device.

The 83xx series comes with nothing as well. I really think RIM's intent was for this to be a pocket device as well (just look at the marketing stuff)... however much like previous models, they'll gladly sell you carrying solutions for $19.99-$39.99

So yeah... RIM is in business to make money... would you rather pay $10 more for the device and have it come with a carrying case, or pay the same and have the OPTION to pay $19.99 for a basic case? I'd rather the later and have the OPTION to not have to buy a belt holster. I laugh when I see people wearing them because if you're wearing dress\casual pants the device will easily slide into your pocket if the pants fit properly... and if you're sayin "well I wear tight jeans on a saturday night so there's no room to pocket the BB when I go to the bars" ... then you shouldn't be going out if the solution is to wear it strapped to your BELT!!!