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Default Hum....

You are taking this the wrong way.

Private forum or sponsored forum. Doesn't really matter. The folks that run this have created an environment that, a forum in its very nature, is suppose to be a place where people talk about things, issues, praises, etc. That's a forum.

The fact that is "Blackberry forum" says that the focus is on Blackberry and RIM. I would expect that the people that run the forum know more about what is going on with Blackberry and RIM and not necessarily the latest Toastmaster Toaster oven. If I goto a forum named "" and someone tells me that they don't know anything about nokia, nor are they affiliated with Nokia in any way, nor are they sponsored by anyone having any dealing with Nokia, why the *&^%$ would they name their forum with the word "nokia" in it?

Your conclusion is wrong. I blamed nobody here for the problems I am having with RIM. Their HP2 is bad and they know it.

I point the finger at this forum and its moderators for their lack of response to those in need. Indeed, if this is a Blackberry forum, the owners/creators/moderators had better know about what is going on at RIM, more than the average bear. I wouldn't expect you to know about alternators for my 65 Dodge Dart. I would goto

Otherwise, as I am concluding what good is the forum to anyone anyway? To post MY issues and see that other people have them too so that we can wallow in our own pitty? I might as well post it in a google group or a yahoo answers. One would think you come to a forum for answers, but as you say, don't expect it from We are just here. For you to throw up you hands and say, we are all volunteers, we don't know about or have anything to do with RIM or Blackberry in itself is bad form. It is the purpose and NAME of the forum.

"unusual setup"? WHAT? 1 server and 3 devices so far, put together EXACTLY the way it has been outlined in the readme files that came with the install, along with the webcast of the install. If I have an unusual setup, I am definitely on the wrong product.

And, maybe this 'friendly bantor' does lead to the real issue. Why wouldn't RIM sponsor such a forum?

Yes, I have issue with RIM for their product issues and I have already addressed it. But I also have issues with a "BlackBerryforum" having the nature of a forum, doing very little to help those looking for answers and then claiming not to have the answers or the responsibility to help anyone because of whatever non-association, non-support from RIM, or only dealing with volunteers; way bad form!


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