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Default You guys serious don't get it

Hey all,

I am not attacking anyone in particular about MY issues. I would expect though, that if I or anyone else post something, that it wouldn't be weeks before someone would say, "Hi, I haven't a clue on what your problem is." Look for yourselves, friends, at the dozens and dozens of postings here that NOBODY addresses. Why then would anyone come back.

My guess is that you volunteers are short staffed and could use more people. Seriously, I would expect that a "Forum Moderator" do more than make sure that bad words are not exchanged. I moderate several well known forums on products that "I HAVE EXPERTISE". (You can't wake up one morning and decide, "I am a forum moderator" without knowing what is going on; or maybe you can here. But you shouldn't. What are the requirements to being a forum moderator here anyway? Raise your hand and say please?) That was a part of signing on as a forum moderator. Not only that, I am REQUIRED to answer a certain amount to questions; a quota. AND, if a posting doesn't get attention, I and the other forum moderators get an email, 1 per hour, for every posting we have not responded to within 24 hours. AND, if I don't know an issue, I have some backend people I can ask. THAT my friends, is you missing link!

This could be a REALLY good thing. The idea that you can not help me, not a big deal. As you say, I turn the channel and find one that can. However, if you are not helping me, who else are you turning away. If you can not answer somebody's question, tell them at!

And, from a marketing standpoint with Blackberry, if you do a bad job, it reflects them, even with all the caveats you mentioned. If I own, "" and don't give anyone support or service, how do you think that reflects on Blackberry? If my forum stinks, that must mean Blackberry and RIM stinks.

You may think this as garbage, but what I am telling you are facts about this forum. Fact of so many people posting things and nobody getting back to them. Fact that when people look for answers for blackberry stuff, your name, the name of this forum implies some technical expertise or association with RIM. Fact that you advertise for companies that sell and sponsor links for Blackberry products. Fact that, and really not your issue, that RIM and Blackberry tell their customers to come here for help and assistance. I wouldn't have ever come here if it wasn't for the tech support guy saying, "Go to this web site to get your questions answered. They know what is going on." And now I hear, in a loud voice, "We know somethings, we are volunteers, we can't help everyone, yada yada yada." Major disconnect here.

So please, take what I have to say, validated it or discard it, but figure out where your place is before you start going off on people looking for help.

And, by the way, where are the RIM forums?