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Originally Posted by rcernech View Post
Does anyone know if it is possible to turn the key tone off when dialing numbers?

Please tell me this is an easy fix that I have just overlooked.
Greetings and Welcome to the Forum!

Yes there is an easy fix. However it's not without it's drawbacks like anything else. So I would encourage you to read the instructions below very carefully. After which ask yourself this question: Do I really want to do this?

Begin with a full roll of 2" wide duct tape. Begin wrapping the phone with the tape, full width, until you have 331 wraps and it looks like a silver softball.

1) Pros:
Water proof, drop resistant, no one will recognize it as a BlackBerry and steal it, completely silent. Keys will last forever.

2) Cons:
It will take awhile to unwrap it and remove the adhesive residue.

So there, I'm not trying to be a smart ass here... just showing you that we are allowed a sense of humor on the forum... and like you've been advised here, there is no fix. It's what I do when it cannot be changed, and it's a fact of life, not a problem. Apply some humor.

Thanks for being a good sport!

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